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Intco E-commerce Website Redesign

December 2017, Design @Intco Green Framing 

For Intco Greening Framing, they need to expand their overseas market. Our website redesign could offer a smooth online shopping experience, a professional user interface, and a clear product category.

Project Overview


3 UX Design Consultant

1 Product Manager


July, 2017 -

December, 2017

My role: 

User Research

Information Architecture

User Journey 

Visual Design

Design process:


Who is Intco?

INTCO is a mainland China based Styrofoam Recycling Specialist providing an ultimate solution to EPS and polystyrene recycling. INTCO manufactures and sells GREENMAX EPS Compactors/ Densifiers and Recycling machines/Systems, purchases back compressed EPS scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.

INTCO’s overseas department reached out to our team with a desire to establish an online shopping website to help them expand their overseas e-commerce market. INTCO’s current website page looked like this:


The Problem

Due to a lack of understanding of the overseas market and the overseas procurement process, INTCO’s website had a lot of room for improvement in functions, layout, and visual design. We talked with stakeholders, conducted guerrilla testing, heuristic evaluation, and summarized some general problems accordingly:


Confusion of the Core Functions

Lack of content resulted in clarity confusion of the core functions. The current website combined the official website and shopping website, which made the user feel confused.

The Problem
User Research

Understand User Needs


To design a new solution for INTCO’s overseas business to align with the overseas e-commerce market, we interviewed seven users who experienced overseas purchasing before.

On the right, it shows the current purchase process. 

Based on the insights drawn from the data of our user research, we ideated a user journey map to guide us in developing a better design solution and improving the user experience of online purchases.

Intco web user journey map.jpg
IA Restructure

IA Restructure

We restructured the information architecture of Intco Green Framing website. We divided it into two parts: one is the official website that could show their brands, unique features, and service; another is a vertical e-commerce site that could offer customers a better shopping experience.


Wireframes & Iterations

We designed low fidelty wireframes for the website to highlight important elements for our customers and clarify the hierarchy.

Wireframes & Iterations

Final Design

Official Website:

Group (1).png

Shopping Website:

Group (2).png
Final Design
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